MPH in Health Behaviour and Promotion

At a glance/general information

Interest in Health Behaviour and Promotion is one of the earliest programs in the Community Health Science Program UGM. Adopting the Student-Centered Learning method, MPPK encourages students to be proactive in the education process. In addition, MPPK actively promote its students by implementing problem-based learning methods through problem-solving case studies conducted in the fields and/or scenarios within the confinement of class.

MPPK graduates are expected to act as experts in the fields of health promotion, competent in designing, developing, implementing and evaluating programs and/or promotional health policies by employing various strategies and principles of health promotion. Since its establishment, MPPK UGM has produced hundreds of alumni deployed around Indonesia.

Mandatory Courses

  • Epidemiology
  • Biostatistics
  • Policy and Health Management
  • Social Science and Behaviour in Community Health
  • Environmental Health
  • Research Methodology

Interest Mandatory Courses

  • Community Health Promotion
  • Health Promotion Program: Planning and Implementation
  • Health Promotion Program: Implementation and Evaluation
  • Community Empowerment and Networking
  • Social Marketing
  • IT Based Strategic Learning
  • Advocacy for Policy
  • Field Work
  • Thesis

Alternative Courses

  • Qualitative Methodology in Health Promotion
  • Media and Health Communication
  • Health Promotion and Changes in Behaviour for Schoolchildren
  • Comprehend ethical notions of health promotion
  • Comprehend basic concepts, principles, teories, and health promotion research and its application
  • Conducting healthy and effective communication utilizing various strategies and theories of health promotion
  • Conducting health advocacy collectively and/or representing certain individuals, communities and organizations.
  • Collaborating with various sectors, agency and disciplines for the improvement of health promotion impacts
  • Communicating health promotion programs effectively by employing the appropriate approaches and technologies
  • Contribute in the development of vision and course of health promotion program
  • Conducting community health needs assessment
  • Planning promotion health program
  • Implementing health promotion program
  • Implementing evaluation and research method in calculating the affordability, impact and effectivity of promotion health program.
  • Behavior practitioner and health promotion in national institutions (Public Health Offices, Ministry of Health, Health Centers, Hospitals and other related institutions)
  • Behavior Practitioner and health promotion in private institutions and NGOs
  • Behavior and health promotion consultant
  • Behavior and health promotion lecturer and/or instructors

Head of Division

Prof. Dra. Yayi Suryo Prabandari, M.Si.,


  • dr. Fatwa Sari Tetra Dewi, MPH., PhD
  • Prof. Dra. Yayi Suryo Prabandari, M.Si.,
  • dr. Dra. Retna Siwi Padmawati, M.A
  • dr. Supriyati, S. Sos., M.Kes
  • Fitrina M. Kusumaningrum, SKM., MPH
  • Vivian Nanny Lia Dewi, SST., M.Kes

Health Promotion Secretary

Asnandar Prabowo

Health Promotion Managing Academics

Anton Dwi Haryanto

  1. Registration Fee
    Amount to be paid for registration is Rp. 750.000,-
  2. Tuition Fee
    Regular tuition fee account to Rp. 15.000.000,- ( in accordance with UGM postgraduate tuition decree 2018-2019 )

Enrollment in the Behavior and Health Promotion is available in conjunction with UGM Community Health Science postgraduate program enrollment. Further information and enrollment could be accessed here.


Masters of Public Health (MPH)