Master’s Program,Co-assistant, and Research Study of Health Behaviour, Environment, and Social Medicine Department

MPPK graduates are expected to act as experts in the fields of health promotion, competent in designing, developing, implementing and evaluating programs and/or promotional health policies by employing various strategies and principles of health promotion.

Intended towards producing alumnus with comprehensive knowledge on the discipline of Occupation health and safety. The foundation competences of the discipline is comprehensive managerial proficiency, both as a practitioner and/or academics.

Various research studies of Health Behaviour, Environment, and Social Medicine Department.

Committed to produce exceptional alumni capable of developing theories of environmental health science through studies and researches, increase the quality of environmental health in their respective communities and implementing the values to protect the community from environment hazards…

Commited to produce docotral alumnus that are capable to create solutions toward environmental and social health problems that has developed.

Give thematic courses to improve students ability.

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