Create Public Health Professionals with Comprehensive Knowledge

Committed to develop education, research and community service in the fields of health behaviour, social medicine, and environmental health in the manner of international standards intended for academics, professional personnel for the effort to deter and improve …

The constitution of Health Behavior, Environment and Social Medicine Department. The lecturers is the best and competent lecturer on each of their specializations.

health behaviour, environment and social medicine department is open to all stakeholders seeking assistance in community health, specifically health behaviour, environment and social medicine, policy making consultancy, seminars in regards to our specialized topics, and research collaborations.

The development of health behaviour, social medicine, and environmental health was marked by the birth of Community Health Science postgraduate’s study program department in 1982 and the dean at that time is Prof. dr. Pramono Ahmad, MPH.

Public health science masters program  of FK-KMK UGM is included within the handful of public health master education organizer in Indonesia which have been awarded an A accreditation by LAM-PTKes. This is evident on LAM-PTKes  no. 0251/LAM-PTKes/Akr/Mag/IV/2018 decree.

The earliest public university post Indonesian government establishment in 1949. Universitas Gadjah Mada continues to serve as the prominent alternative for higher education to Indonesian and international students and also as a leading research university in Indonesia.

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